Graceworks at Home has had the privilege of serving many older adults in our community with our quality non-medical, skilled nursing and therapy services. Caregivers have received peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are being compassionately served.  

These testimonials are from several of those we have helped maintain their stability and retain their independence:

Bill, a client

Bill chose Graceworks at Home for physical therapy and home-based nursing care after spending time at the Bethany Rehabilitation Center, where he began his recovery from heart bypass surgery.

“I knew If the home healthcare were anything like what we had at Bethany, there was no need to shop around. The care was first class. All of them were cheerful and capable. They made me enjoy it. Nobody ever said to me, ‘Bill, you’re 82 and you can’t expect to be able to do what you did before.’ They recognized my needs and my progress. When the doorbell would ring, I’d look forward to it. From Bethany to Health at Home, through the whole organization, the quality of care was professional and experienced and their spirit was uplifting. They always made me feel like I was the only patient they had all day. I am grateful for their kindness.”

Bill received physical therapy and nurse care in his home until he was well enough to live at home without assistance.

Carol, a loved one

Carol’s mother received home health and personal care services from Graceworks at Home. Carol lives in another state, so it was important to know her mother was in good hands.

“The comfort of knowing she has someone she knows and trusts is invaluable. I’ve been impressed with their sensitivity and work ethic and dedication to making it easier for my mother, whether she needs personal care or someone to pick up lunch for her, or just making it enjoyable for her to sit and talk to them. Mom will say the nurse has been her angel. She helped Mom to set goals and look forward to things again, to get back to living her life with confidence. Each caregiver has been extremely professional, very caring and personable with her. Mother looks forward to each of them when they come throughout the week.”

Our caregivers come to Carol’s mother’s home on different days. They help with her personal care needs, have pleasant conversations, transport her to art classes, cultural events and church. Graceworks at Home has made it possible for Carol’s brother, who lives near their mother, to have confidence when he needs to be away.

Lorna, a wife

Lorna and her husband, Preston, had shared many memorable years together. It was their daughter who first noticed little things that were “off” with Preston. By 2009, Lorna needed help at home to care for Preston when she contacted Graceworks at Home. Here, compassionate care is centered not only around the patient but also the caregiver. 

Lorna and Preston’s Graceworks at Home personal care aide, Anitra, focused her concern on both of them. 

 “Anitra really scolded me! I wanted them to pay all the attention to Preston, of course. But she insisted she could do something for me,” Lorna recalls fondly. “I got to the point where I would accept a little assistance. That allowed me to stay active and they were dear loving people I could trust. The people who coordinated our care as well as the people who gave the care, lived God’s grace.” 

Lorna will always remember Graceworks at Home who cared about her well-being as well as her husband’s until his passing in 2016 from complications of Alzheimer’s.